Cardiff Music Women: Call For Exhibit Items, Stories & Opportunities

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Cardiff Music Women is a 4-day community-led event on Womanby Street in August 2018, and we are currently calling for contributions, stories and memories. We are also seeking staff and volunteers to take part in the event. 

The event will celebrate contributions of women to our local popular/alternative music scene from the late 50s to today. It will include exhibits, live music, talks, art, workshops, career profiles, awareness raising and the creation of a digital archive.

It aims to celebrate and learn about our musical past, and to empower more
women/girls/non-binary people into our local music industry in future.

From household names like Shirley Bassey and Charlotte Church, to the untold
stories of record shop owners, labels, songwriters, DJs, sound engineers,
musicians, festival organisers – local women of 70s-80s punk, Butetown Carnival, 90s
dance scene, folk, hip-hop and more.


We are seeking contributions to the exhibit - this could be artefacts / memorabilia, story-telling/memory-sharing, music, artwork, zines, photographs, videos - open to ideas!

Please get in touch: and tell us what you'd like to contribute.

We'll also be holding drop-off events in Roath and Grangetown where you can either bring an item to leave with us for the exhibit (returned to you after) or allow us to scan the items, or you can be filmed/recorded/interviewed if you'd like to share some memories (or this can be arranged separately) - dates will be announced shortly. 


We are currently have the following paid roles as part of the project: 

- Exhibit & Art Co-ordinator (approx. 75 hours over 5 weeks) 

- Event Stewards (available 20th-23rd August, 5 hours per day afternoon to evening) 

- Website Designer

- Graphic Designer

Please either send a CV or tell us about yourself and what you've been up to:

We also have volunteer opportunities including researching, gathering, recording, preparing events & exhibits, approaching potential contributors and groups, storing contributions, assisting with community events and workshops. If you'd like to help out in any way please email (we can cover some expenses if you're from a low income background and there's a barrier preventing you from taking part like travel/childcare costs etc) 

Liz Hunt