Training for Folk & Traditional Musicians

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TRAC - the folk development body for Wales - has been running music business workshops in Cardiff for folk / traditional musicians. The next event 'Building Your Team' is taking place on 24th March 2018 at Chapter Arts Centre.  

The event will outline how to build a support network at all points of your career: 

• Understanding who you are, what you can (and can’t) do on your own
• Knowing when to seek help and advice (and where to ask for it)
• When do you need to build a team, how to build a team and who should be in it
• Building networks and contacts including networking / work relationships and joining the dots
• Finding the balance between creativity and admin
• Self-motivation and work/life balance
• Working with mentors and coaches
• Delegation and letting go of things
• Working as a collective: ‘Do it Yourself Together’

The course is part of a series of workshops aimed at part-time or full-time musicians in the folk/traditional sector, aiming to help them become better communicators and more professional. 

Cost £15 - book a space on the Trac website

Liz Hunt