Free DJ Workshop For Women & Non-Binary People

DJ Jessie Belters

DJ Jessie Belters

Creative Republic Of Cardiff is organising free DJ workshops for women / girls / non-binary people, taking place each month at The Blue Honey Cafe(Sully's) on Quay Street in Cardiff. 

The workshops will be run by Jessie Belters (Doppler), who is an established local clubnight DJ, with the aim of getting more women/girls/nb folk into DJing, where they are currently under-represented. We believe that a female-led workshop by someone local who is already well-known in their field will encourage others to look at doing the same. 

It will include setting up gear and looking after your equipment, types of DJ sets and events, how to get bookings, online mixes and making a profile for yourself. 

The workshops will be followed by Jessie's monthly night showcasing local female DJs / producers at the Blue Honey cafe - Women, Wax & Digital Tracks. 

Booking is essential as these are small group workshops - to book a space please email