Horizons Launchpad Funding 2018

horizons 2018.jpg

The Launchpad Fund is a resource helping talented artists in Wales to further their music careers by providing them with vital access to finance. The next deadline for funding is Friday 16th November 2018.

The funding is for those starting out on their musical journey, at a crucial point in their development. It is to help support activities to fulfil potential, for artists who can demonstrate interest from audiences and those working in the music industry (eg venues or critics) but need support to carry out an activity to increase their reach. Awards are up to £2,000 each.

Launchpad can support activities to take music careers 'to the next level' - maybe an opportunity to tour, or to record professionally, replace an amp to get through gigs already booked - applicants need to explain what the funding will be spent on, the activity, how it will help and why now is the best time.

Launchpad is open to Wales-based artists/bands writing, producing and performing original contemporary popular music, with genres including indie, electronic, urban, pop, rock, world, folk and emerging contemporary music genres. Eligible bands must have a significant proportion living in Wales. Artists must be over 18 on the date of entry.

For more details and to apply please visit the BBC Horizons website.

Liz Hunt